Off to Little Dorrit I go,
to lose
my mind... and find my soul
Discover crystals, incense, fair trade clothing,
jewellery, tarot cards, books, dream catchers and much more.
We are passionate
about fair trade, and ethical trading
01 03 Find our High Street store
Our little shop
is an extension of
our home and family value
We have strong feelings about people
being able to express themselves and their own uniqueness.
We are friendly
and will do our best to help you
or find what you are looking for.
02 03 MEET US
We are inclusive of everyone,
all races, ages and genders,
believing and accepting
that we are all equal in love
We extend our loving-kindness to you,
and thank you that you have been curious to look at our page.
We welcome
all faiths and diversity
and represent this in our stock.
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Welcome to Little Dorrit

💜 Hand-made artisan products from crystals, incense, fair trade clothing, jewellery, tarot cards, books, dream catchers and much more

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

– & –

The mind is everything. What we think we become.


Reeta May



Pop over to discover our aromatherapy products - they help with relaxation and stress relief!
Sterling Jewellery

Sterling Jewellery

We source jewellery with originality - pop over to our store to discover jewellery for every occasion.


Get homeware essentials for around the home - we have an exciting and eclectic mix of homeware gifts.


Affordable clothes in different styles and a multitude of colours. Here, you will find quality and uniqueness!


Welcome to the mysterious world of magic! Pop over and explore our exciting and magical products.
I exist ... I am powerful ...

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  • Silver jewelry

  • Incense

  • Sage and resins

  • Oils and oil burners

  • Dream catchers

  • Angels

  • Crystals

  • Body jewelry

  • Witches and Wiccan

  • Dragons and skulls

  • Fairies, unicorn, and mermaids

  • Bongs and baggies

  • Wiccan ornaments

We welcome all faiths and diversity, and represent this in our stock!